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What we do

Welcome to Mend Couples Therapy! We combine extensive training and years of experience to provide you with couples therapy and marriage counseling that really works. As Certified Emotionally Focused Couples Therapists (EFT), we use a proven effective, research-based model of couples therapy. In fact, when compared to other models, EFT couples therapy consistently delivers the best treatment outcomes. Your most important relationship will be in good hands with us.

At Mend, we believe meaningful relationships are the key to living a healthier and happier life, so we use the science behind EFT to serve more than just couples. Our clients include individuals, organizations, families, and therapists. Using a relational view, we help individual clients discover and break out of unwanted relationship patterns. As relationship consultants, we teach organizations, community groups, and parents how to foster stronger relationships. And last, but certainly not least, we train therapists in EFT. As Certified EFT Supervisors, we offer both individual and group EFT supervision. The only thing we love more than doing EFT, is teaching it to others.


Who we are

We are therapists, lifelong friends, and EFT specialists who can't imagine doing anything else.


what we believe


Relationships are worth fighting for

We don't have magic wands, but we can help

To do good therapy, you need a lot of training; to do great therapy, you need your humanity

A trusted couples therapist applying a proven treatment model is the single greatest predictor of successful therapy

Things are just better when we're together, especially if chocolate is involved

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