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Learn with The EFT Nerds

We love doing EFT supervision; nerd-ing out on the model is our favorite thing. This passion started during our own EFT certification. We'd finish with clients and then sit in the office, late at night, eating takeout pizza and watching our session tapes together, dissecting every moment and trying to make sense of it all. We learned it together, and we made each other better.  

Now we get to share this with other clinicians trying to learn the model, and it's an honor to do so. If you're looking for EFT supervision that is personal, clear, and fun, we'd love to work with you. We offer individual and group supervision. Come learn with the nerds! 


The EFT nerds

Learning it, loving it, and living it, together

2019-2020 EFT Supervision Group at The WBCEFT

Come and dance the tango with the EFT Nerds. Registration opens this Friday, August 16th!

We are rolling out a brand new group because EFT is changing! The emphasis on the EFT tango has shifted how we learn, teach, and practice EFT. Never ones to be shy, we’re jumping in and want you to come along!

Instead of two separate groups, we are running 1 big group with 2 different concentration tracks. Whether you want to focus on EFT Couples therapy or master EFIT with individuals—we got you covered!

We think this idea is the bomb!  Two EFT supervisors? Yes! Exposure to both EFIT and EFT? Yes!  Access to a larger network of your EFT peeps while hanging out at the WBCEFT? Yes! Laughing at the silliness that often ensues when Jill and Melissa work together? Yes!

How it works:

We will meet monthly at The WBCEFT in Falls Church starting this September from 10 am-12 pm. Current meeting dates:

September 13th, October 18th, November 8th, December 13th, January 10th, February 7th, March 13th, April 17th, May 15th

At registration, clinicians will sign up and choose a concentration track:

  • EFT with Individuals (EFIT)  with Jill

  • EFT for Couples with Melissa

We have 16 spots. Each track has room for 8 clinicians. Most supervision meetings will be spent with your smaller group, but during the year, we will bring everyone together for some supersized supervision! Focused on the key elements of the tango, our double group sessions will include teaching from both Melissa and Jill, group processing, and experiential learning!

Choosing the track that’s right for you:

EFIT Track

Best for clinicians that love the EFT model and long to use it with individual clients. Run by Jill Soyka, LCSW, ICEEFT Certified EFT Supervisor & Therapist.

In this group, you will learn how to use the power of the mammalian attachment system to regulate emotion with your individual clients. Help your clients move from rigid, narrow ways of coping to more flexible and healthy ways of engaging in their life using the EFT you know and love! Learn how to STAY IN YOUR LANE as an individual therapist-- no more problem solving or getting stuck in content. Using the tango with individuals will bring a focus and order to your sessions that will supercharge your effectiveness. In the safe and exciting environment of the group, you will take new risks and feel more confident with your individual therapy skills. Come join us!

Registration Requirement: Externship is a prerequisite for this group. Participants are STRONGLY encouraged to read Sue Johnson’s latest book, Attachment Theory in Practice, particularly chapters 4 and 5. 

Group Requirement: At least one time during group, each participant must present a case consultation. The consultation can include video/audio tape or a clinical summary. Additionally, each participant will submit one 15 minute session clip directly to Jill for review. Due dates for tape review and group consultation will be assigned at the group’s first meeting in September. 

Additional information about submitting tape: The taped segment can be audio or video, and the session does not need to be “pure” EFT. You will receive private, written feedback notes from Jill about the application of EFT.  This feedback is included in the cost of supervision group. Should you wish to receive further, interactive supervision regarding this tape, you can either: 1. present it in group, or 2. schedule individual supervision with Jill, which will be billed separately at her current supervision rate. 

Cost: $90 per month

**Once registration opens, you will be able to use the registration button



EFT for Couples track

Best for clinicians focused on EFT Couple therapy with a strong desire to reach certification. Run by Melissa Peters, LCSW, ICEEFT Certified EFT Supervisor and Therapist.

Mastering the EFT Tango gets folks certified. You will learn the tango in this group. Although simple in appearance, the tango, when done well, turns simple procedural steps into a flexible EFT road map capable of guiding the EFT clinician throughout the larger EFT process while still prioritizing the therapeutic moment that is happening right here, right now. Holy cow that is awesome stuff! 

But also…holy cow that can be hard to do! So, don’t go it alone—come learn with a group. You will get to view tape, learn the concepts both cognitively and experientially, get case consultation, and load share your learning experience with one another. Learning EFT is an emotional experience for every clinician. Come and surround yourself with other clinicians and feel less stressed and more confident. 

Registration requirements: Completion of the EFT Externship, Core Skills, and a minimum of 2 individual or conjoint EFT supervisions with an ICEEFT Certified Supervisor or Supervisor-in-training.

Group requirements: Participants need to have couples on their active caseload, tape their sessions regularly, and submit 4 tapes directly to Melissa for review.

Details on tape review: Each clip needs to be 15-minutes in length. Audio only is accepted, but video clips are preferred. All members will submit their 1st tape in September and their final one in May. The other two submissions will be scheduled after registration. Participants will receive private, written feedback after each submission. The cost of the group includes the tape review and write-up. **If participants want to meet for individual supervision to review the feedback further, this can be scheduled directly with Melissa. 

Cost: $110 per month

****Once registration opens, you will be able to use the registration button

Certified Group

Open to Certified EFT therapists in the Washington DC Metro area. Run by Melissa Peters, LCSW.

Meets in-person every other month at The WBCEFT on the second Friday 12:30pm to 2:30pm. Gain support from your peers, get the chance to get into the nitty-gritty of EFT and EFT supervision, and be a part of building and supporting our local EFT community. Contact  Melissa directly to inquire about joining this ongoing supervision group.

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