Melissa Peters, LCSW

Co-founder and Certified EFT Therapist & Supervisor

How I work

I get to sit with extremely capable, hard-working, good folks who also happen to be in a lot of pain together. We live in a high-achieving, fast-paced area, and face tremendous pressure to be the perfect couple, family, and partner. The simple act of sharing our real relationship struggles, hopes, fears, and pain with one another is powerful, but so few of us actually do - so many of us bear the weight on our own.  Every time a couple shares with me the hard and scary parts in their relationship, I’m honored.

My office can be a safe space for you and your partner to talk about what’s really happening between you. I am a gentle but very active guide who will help you work through the tough stuff without getting caught in the same old fight of who is right and who is wrong. When we have been stuck in conflict, we feel so unseen - instead of trying to change either of you, my first job is to really "get" each of you and then slowly help you to feel seen and gotten by one another again.

I will be transparent and authentic with both of you. I will let you know what we are doing and why; you will know where we are in the process and where we are headed. I will be in this with the two of you. We will work together on behalf of your relationship, maybe even laughing and crying a bit together along the way. 

I want to know your unique story, strengths, and stressors. But I also hope you will feel relieved to discover that you aren’t alone. Most of us have similar fear and struggles, and there is something quite beautiful in knowing that. 


About me

I love finding a binge worthy tv show for my husband and I to watch. I wish I loved to travel more, but I kinda love being at home. I am known for constantly moving plants around my yard, as well as the furniture in my house. If I wasn't a therapist, I probably would do some type of work with my hands, but I never get very far in figuring that one out because I will always be a therapist. I think dark chocolate and mint were made for one another, and I drink decaf coffee constantly. I find my opinions quickly, and change them rapidly, too.I'm a mom to two teenage girls who constantly humble me. They are a true reminder of how little I actually know. I really thought I would be so much wiser by now, but these days, that realization is starting to feel quite comforting. I love couples therapy because it keeps me on my toes, and I hit the professional jackpot when I met my business partner, Jill, 20 years ago. . 

Professional experience and training

  • BA 1997

  • MSW, Catholic University of America, 1999

  • LCSW, Virginia, 2001-present

  • Years of experience working in community mental health, psychiatric hospitals, and outpatient private practice

  • Adjunct Professor, University of Phoenix, 1998-2012

  • Advanced training in EFFT (Emotionally Focused Family Therapy)

  • ICEEFT Certified EFT Therapist, 2014

  • ICEEFT Certified EFT Supervisor, 2016

  • Assistant Director of The Washington Baltimore Center for EFT (ICEEFT's training center in the DC Metro area), 2016-2018