What if my partner won't come to couples therapy?

This is one of the questions I often get asked by potential clients who don’t know where to start. As Melissa mentioned in a previous post, if you think you need couples therapy, you probably do. But what if you are afraid to ask your partner, or not ready yourself, or your partner has said, “No way.” Individual therapy can be very helpful in these situations.

Talking about your OWN patterns, thoughts, feelings and behaviors in your most important relationships can be very clarifying. This clarity, in turn, helps you send a clearer signal to your spouse. When a clear signal is sent, there is a much better chance that meaningful dialogue can happen.

As relationship experts, we can help increase your understanding of what is happening in those distressing moments with your loved one. Most folks find a lot of comfort in making sense of what feels chaotic. A bonus is that we can also often find your empathy for your partner! This certainly translates into better interactions outside the therapy office.

jill soyka