Do we need couples therapy?

If you're reading this, probably so.

Okay, not trying to be glib, but most couples err on the side of waiting too long, often living in distress for seven years before calling a therapist. This is way too long, and life is way too short! Wondering if you need relationship help, is in fact a great indicator that help is warranted. When we find ourselves googling questions about our relationship, it’s worth paying attention to. I know my google search history is often a window into my worries.

Even when you know help is needed, it’s not easy to ask a professional for help. First, we are total strangers. Second, what if you come in, share your story, and then hear, “you two shouldn’t be together”. So many couples delay therapy because of this fear. I want to assure you, pronouncements of this type have no place in good couples therapy. At Mend, we are here to help, not evaluate. We aren’t going to listen to both sides and then pronounce your fate as a couple. That just isn’t our job.

So, if you find yourself googling, “do we need couples therapy?” it’s probably time to pick up the phone and ask for help. And remember when you do, the professional on the other end of that line wants to help.